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Bangladesh displays unprecedented decency

In the world of cricket, few rules stir as much controversy as Mankading. This cricketing regulation allows bowlers to run out non-striking batsmen who stray from the crease before a ball is bowled. It’s named after Vinu Mankad, a former Indian cricketer.

A recent instance of Mankading unfolded during the second One Day International (ODI) match between New Zealand and Bangladesh. In the 46th over, Hasan Mahmud, a star pacer from Bangladesh, was about to deliver the third ball when New Zealand’s talented batsman Ish Soudhi, who wasn’t on strike, left the popping crease prematurely. Without releasing the ball, Mahmud broke the stumps.

Cricket laws permit such an action, and after a review involving both on-field and TV umpires, Soudhi was declared out. However, what happened next was truly exceptional. Bangladesh’s captain, Liton Kumar Das, and bowler Hasan Mahmud, in a display of exemplary sportsmanship, recalled Soudhi to the crease after a brief discussion with the umpires.

Soudhi, appreciative of this gesture, acknowledged Mahmud’s sportsmanship with a warm smile and a dropped bat. This act of goodwill has left cricket enthusiasts worldwide deeply impressed.

This incident at the Mirpur Stadium will undoubtedly be remembered in the annals of cricketing history. It serves as a testament to the enduring values of fairness and respect that cricket embodies. Such sportsmanship resonates with fans and keeps the spirit of the game alive and thriving.

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