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BCB gives NOC to everyone except Taskin

Recently, there has been a surge in demand for Bangladesh players in franchise cricket, with several cricketers from the country receiving offers to play in foreign leagues. However, one player, pacer Taskin Ahmed, faced an unexpected hurdle when his request for a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) to participate in the Lanka Premier League (LPL) was not approved by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).

Taskin Ahmed is currently playing for the Bulawayo Braves in the Zim Afro T10 League, where he received an offer to play for Dambulla Aura in the LPL. Unlike his fellow teammates who obtained NOCs, Taskin was unable to get the necessary clearance, meaning he will have to return to Bangladesh after the Zim Afro T10 League.

BCB Chief Executive, Nizamuddin Chowdhury, shed some light on the matter, explaining that while the board has granted NOCs to most players who applied for foreign leagues, they are taking a different approach with Taskin. He mentioned that recent participation and workload are being considered before making a decision regarding Taskin’s NOC.

It’s worth noting that Taskin Ahmed has previously had offers from prominent leagues such as the IPL, PSL, and Counties, but the board turned down those opportunities. The outcome of his current request remains uncertain, and Nizamuddin emphasized that the board will carefully evaluate the situation and apply its policy before reaching a final decision.

Overall, the increased demand for Bangladesh players in franchise cricket demonstrates their growing recognition and talent on the global stage. However, individual considerations and workload management are being taken into account by the BCB when granting NOCs to players, as exemplified in Taskin Ahmed’s case.

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