England is at the top, leaving Bangladesh behind.

This time England took the top spot leaving Bangladesh behind. The English have beaten Bangladesh 3-0 in the three-match ODI series against the Netherlands in the ongoing ICC ODI Super League points table.

The top-ranked England ODI Super League has played a total of 16 matches so far. Where they have won 12 matches. Five of the remaining six matches have been lost and one match has been canceled, bringing their total to 125 points. Which has placed them at the very top.

The Tigers have dropped from number one ranking to number two in the points table. The Bangladesh team, which played 18 matches equal to the English, also won 12 matches equal to them. However, the Tigers have a rate in the remaining six matches. As a result, Bangladesh had to go down to two due to being only 5 points behind England.

Afghanistan is at number three in the table. So far they have played a total of 12 matches in the Super League. However, they have a total rate of 2 matches, including 10 wins. Now there are 100 points next to the name of Afghans.

Pakistan have played 15 matches in ODI Super League and won 9 matches. Due to the loss in the remaining 6 matches, they have a total of 90 points next to their name. As a result, their position is at number four. The West Indies are fifth in the points table. They have played the most 21 matches so far but have won 6 matches. They have a total of 60 points due to the loss in the remaining 13 matches.

India and Australia, ranked sixth and seventh, both played 12 matches apiece. Despite India winning 6 matches, Australia has 6 wins. As a result, India is at number six with 69 points and Australia is at number seven with 70 points.

Ireland is at number eight with 8 points, Sri Lanka at number nine with 82 points and New Zealand at number ten with 60 points.

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