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‘Feels like a dream’

In the climactic final of the Asia Cup, Indian fast bowler Mohammed Siraj emerged as the hero, delivering an extraordinary performance that left Sri Lanka in tatters.

Sri Lanka’s batting order crumbled, losing a staggering 6 wickets for a mere 12 runs, with Siraj claiming 5 of those pivotal wickets. In just 11.2 overs, Siraj managed to dismiss Kusal Mendis, securing his sixth wicket.

This stunning display was not solely attributed to Siraj. His exceptional bowling was complemented by Bumrah’s 1 wicket and Hardik Pandya’s 3 wickets, ultimately reducing Sri Lanka to a paltry total of 50 runs.

Following the innings, Siraj shared his emotions during a field interview, saying, “It feels like a dream. I had a similar experience against Sri Lanka in Trivandrum last time. I took four wickets early but missed out on the five-for. I realized that you get what’s destined for you. I didn’t try too hard today.”

Siraj’s remarkable spell featured impeccable swing, which bewildered the Sri Lankan batsmen. Speaking about his bowling technique, he explained, “I’ve always sought swing in white-ball cricket. I didn’t find much swing in the previous games, but today, the ball was moving, and I secured more wickets with the outswinger. My intention was to entice the batsmen into making risky drives.

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