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Ferguson breaks Tanzim’s world record in 15 hours

This edition of the ICC men’s T20 World Cup is being denounced for its unfriendly batting conditions. Best of the best hard-hitter batters from this era are finding themselves in an unfamiliar condition due to the slowing nature of the American and Caribbean grounds. However, for the bowlers, it’s been a blessing. Whereas, in modern-day cricket, batters are getting the favour from the pitch, this magazine event gave bowlers a chance to bring us low-scoring thrillers and apparently, for some of the campaigners it’s a golden opportunity to set a new world record which can be broken within a gap of a few hours.

Take Tanzim Hasan Sakib for an instance. In a bid to save his team’s hope to play in the Super Eight after a devastating batting, the young ace gave double maidens with 21 dot balls during his spell against Nepal on 17 June morning according to the Bangladeshi time. It was displayed on the scoreboard that Tanzim had given the most amount of dot balls in a match in the history of the tournament. But who would have thought that his record would be broken in almost 14/15 hours?

The Kiwi bowler Lockie Ferguson was the man who broke Tanzim’s record on the same day in Bangladesh. In a delayed match, the seasoned pro from New Zealand’s side took 3 wickets and the most intriguing fact is he had given 4 maidens out of his 4 over spell. To make this happen he has given 23 dot balls! The only exception was the 3rd ball of his last over when Doriga got 2 leg byes after the ball went to the third man after touching his knee-roll.

Despite his brilliant exhibition, New Zealand will have to take the first flight back to home after this match as his team failed to qualify for the Super Eight after losing the first two games against Afghanistan and West Indies. Tanzim on the other hand can give him condolence saying his record is broken but his 4-2-7-4 spell helped his team to qualify for the next stage.

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