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ICC reveals fixtures for ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024

The excitement is building as the fixtures for the ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024 have been unveiled. This cricket extravaganza is set against the stunning backdrop of Sri Lanka and is scheduled to kick off on January 13th, running through to February 4th.

With sixteen talented teams competing, the 15th edition of this prestigious event promises thrilling matches and surprises. Notably, there are exciting changes to the format this year. Sri Lanka, hosting this event for the third time and the first since 2006, opens the tournament with a thrilling clash against Zimbabwe on January 13th.

Format Changes in ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024

The format for this edition has undergone significant alterations. Teams are now divided into four groups, each consisting of four teams. A remarkable change is that the top three teams from each group will advance to the Super Six stage. Group stage matches are scheduled from January 13th to January 21st.

Here are the groupings:

Group A Group B Group C Group D

India – England – Australia – Afghanistan
Bangladesh – South Africa – Sri Lanka – Pakistan
Ireland – West Indies – Zimbabwe – New Zealand
USA – Scotland – Namibia – Nepal
In addition to this modification, fourth-placed teams in each group get a second chance with an additional match against another fourth-placed team before concluding their campaign.

Following the group stage, the tournament advances to the Super Six phase. In this innovative format, two groups of six teams are formed. The top three teams from Groups A and D unite in one group, while the top three teams from Groups B and C form the other.

During the Super Six stage, every team will play two matches. Their opponents are determined from the opposing group based on their positions in the initial group stage. For example, the top team in Group A (A1) will compete against the second and third-placed teams in Group D (D2 and D3). A2 will face off against D1 and D3, and so on.

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