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Tamim told the reason for the loss even after 303

ODIs are said to be the Bangladesh team’s ‘preferred’ format. The Tigers played comfortably in the 50-over match. Statistics say so. Bangladesh has more success in ODIs. But on Friday, the two Zimbabwean batsmen Sikander Raja and Innocent Kaia completely changed that picture.

Bangladesh lost by 303 runs due to two centurions. However, Tamim Iqbal blamed catch miss and bad fielding for this loss. Besides, he thinks that 15-20 runs short is also a reason behind the loss.

Tamim said that in the press conference after the match. Bangladesh captain said, “we should have scored 15-20 more runs. We were at 250 for 1. In this situation, it was necessary to score a little faster, so that we can score those extra 15-20 runs.”

Then the dashing opener said that he had multiplied the cost of the catch miss. He said, “I talk about catching every day. Someday it would have been our downfall. This may have been the day. Because, in T20 we have been caught many times. But I won the match. But when you take 4 catches on such a good wicket, you won’t win many matches. Now it seems We have to think about it before the next match.”

Tamim is disappointed not only with catching, but with the entire fielding. According to the Bangladesh captain, I gave a lot of easy runs. There will be 2 runs in this field. Because one side is huge. I don’t think about it. But if we could have stopped the easy ones, which could easily have been dot balls, we could have created more pressure. They certainly hurt.

However, Tamim also mentioned that many reasons can be shown for a defeat. Because there are mistakes even in winning matches. And taking those factors into account, he said that it is better to take correction before the next match.

Tamim said, “I always say, there are many things that can be pointed at after a loss. But these words I used to say as a captain even after winning. Even after winning, I always say, we mustn’t forget where we went wrong. Today is a great example—so many days we’ve won with catches, bad fielding, it catches up with you one day or the other. Today is that day.”

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