What if you played cricket on the moon?

Scientists are planning to find an alternative location in the universe where life can evolve or human and animal life can live if anything goes wrong with our beloved blue planet. Although, these expeditions haven’t seen any beacon of life as the Earth has the perfect conditions which is quite a thing in this vast universe. But suppose you have ever been given a chance to visit our sole natural satellite the moon with your mates and you people are just crazy cricket fans – planning to pack your cricket kit for the voyage. Is it even possible to play cricket on the moon’s surface? What are the complications that you may face there? Let’s find out.

Well, the moon has a gravitational field which is just one-sixth of earth. That means, you, your bat and even the cricket ball will be six times lighter than what it was back on Earth. Besides, you can also jump six times higher – fancy, right? But the ball will also bounce six times, won’t it? That means, if your friend bowls you at even good length, you may have to jump to hit the ball and so do the wicketkeeper to catch the ball. Again, if you go for a big shot, the ball will travel six times further compared to the earth. Plus, the moon’s poor gravity will make your delivery slower than on Earth. If a bowler delivers a bowl at 100 km/h on Earth, the moon’s gravity can take it to nearly just 41 km/h. That’s why you may want to take a six times heavier ball, but make sure it doesn’t break your helmet attached to the spacesuit. In that case, a lack of oxygen and radiation will end your life.

There are some other issues as well. For instance, our spacesuit weighs 127 kgs on the earth which will be a little more than 21 kgs on the moon. However, it will take some effort to start walking or to stop because of the slippery surface of the moon. Even trained astronauts find it uncomfortable to walk on the moon. Besides, lack of light may be another issue if you love to play cricket in daylight. That’s why, you may have to amend some rules of playing cricket if you are willing to play to game on the moon but technically it isn’t an impossible thing and almost half a century ago an astronaut played golf on the moon though he had to take enough balls since it was hard to bring those back from a distance place on moon once shot.


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