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‘To be honest, I was nervous’

After enduring numerous dramas, Tamim returned to international cricket after a considerable hiatus. During this period, his entire world had transformed. All eyes were on Tamim as he stepped back onto the field. The left-handed opener made a promising start but failed to post a substantial score, with his innings ending at 44 runs, marked by seven spectacular fours.

Despite regaining confidence on the field, Tamim still grappled with residual effects. Last August, he had to resort to two injections in London to alleviate lower back pain. After undergoing rehabilitation with an eye on the World Cup, he finally returned to the field for this series. In the rain-affected first ODI, he only fielded. Today, he completed the full 50 overs in the field and batted for 90 minutes.

Tamim admitted that despite his presence on the field, he continued to experience discomfort. At the conclusion of the second ODI, Tamim stated, “It feels good to be back on the field. I fielded for around 30 overs in the first match. I bowled for 50 overs today. I also batted for approximately 20 overs. It feels good to be back, but there’s still some discomfort. I’m working closely with the physio to overcome it. The discomfort is still there.”

Furthermore, Tamim confessed to feeling nervous before taking the field, saying, “To be honest, I was nervous. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s just another match. Given the events of the past few months, I was nervous when I came out to bat. However, that nervousness subsided after the first over, bringing relief. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the crease.”

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