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“According to physio report, I was ready to play”

Various discussions and rumors about Tamim have been heard in the cricket neighborhood since last Monday night. However, as Tamim’s name was not included in the World Cup team announcement yesterday, the discussion took shape on a large scale.

However, after all the discussions and rumors, today Tamim Iqbal decided to tell all the events of the past days through a video on his Facebook page. He said his video was supposed to be uploaded only after the World Cup team flew to India. Then Tamim himself told all the events that happened to him.

Rumors were heard in many media that Tamim’s desire to play 5 matches was the main reason for Tamim’s exclusion. But Tamim Iqbal himself denied the matter. He said, “Some people are saying that I said that I will not play more than 5 matches. This is false. I have never, anywhere said that I will not play more than 5 matches.”

But there was a rumor that Tamim was dropped because of fitness. Tamim spoke about the pain of his injury at the end of the second ODI against the Kiwis. However, Tamim said he was ready to play.

Tamim said, “I was very happy mentally after the match against New Zealand. I forgot everything about the last four to five matches. After the match, I told the physio about my injury. Then the selectors came to the dressing room. I told them, my condition would remain like this. I am in the team. Keep that in mind. After going to the hotel, I was monitored by the physio.”

Tamim clarified what was in the physio’s report: “The physio’s report was about my pain condition after the first match, what happened after the second match. Then what could be the match day on the 26th (the last match of the New Zealand series) According to the report, the game I’m ready for that. But I was told I might as well take a rest.”

Tamim also mentioned that the condition of fitness would have been better if he had taken a rest, “If he had taken a rest in the last match, then my preparation would have been rehabilitated for the match and the report said that I can play the first match of the World Cup. I did not say anywhere that I will play five matches or I can play five matches.”

Tamim said in his video that a BCB official called him and suggested not to play against Afghanistan. However, if he wanted to play that match claiming himself fit, he was offered to leave the opening and play in another position. Tamim immediately protested the matter and cleared the matter of dropping him if he did not want to be kept in the team.

Tamim called what happened to him with that BCB official ‘disgusting’. Tamim claimed that he was being prevented from standing in a good position.

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