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Bangladesh started the series with a loss of 17 runs

28 runs needed in the last over. The equation was not only difficult, but almost impossible. Nurul hit a six off the second ball after a four off the leg bye. But Tanaka Chivanga is back in good form. Bangladesh managed to get 10 runs in his last over.

With a target of 206 runs, Bangladesh stopped at 188 runs. As a result, Bangladesh lost the first T20 by 17 runs. Nurul played an innings of 42 runs from 26 balls, but the Bangladesh captain could not get the team through.

Richard Ngarava came in to bowl the 19th over. The responsibility was naturally great.

Ngavara bowled the first four balls to the blockhole, only 2 runs came from those 4 balls. Nurul took a catch on the fifth ball at low fouls, but it fell out of reach. Then a wide Ngarava.

Mosaddek wanted to play the last ball forward. He was caught on backward point while slashing low fouls. Richard Ngarava gave only 4 runs in the 19th over. Bangladesh needs 28 runs in the last over!

The first ball of the last over is dot. Then 4 off the next ball required 24 runs off 4 balls. After that, Nurul played a six again. Need 18 runs from 3 balls. But unfortunately, Bangladesh suffered a 17-run defeat due to the dot in the last ball.

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