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Don’t miss the cricket World Cup game from Google

The thirteenth edition of the ICC men’s cricket World Cup will commence on 5 October 2023 (today) at 2:30 pm Bangladeshi time. Two finalists of the previous edition – England and New Zealand will face each other at Ahmadabad on the opening day. Subsequently, the ten teams will face each other in a round-robin system and the top four teams from the table will be eligible to play the semis like the previous World Cup held in the current champions’ home ground – England.

On the other hand, google has joined the cricket World Cup fever creating a mini doodle-based cricket game containing a special feature. At first glance, it will look like other typical doodle-based cricket game where you only get the chance to move your bat when a character bowls a ball to score some runs. However, after a while of playing this game, you will figure out the unique features behind it. Apparently, unlike other cricket games, no matter how hard you hit the ball, you will get just one score. There will be variations in bowling and as soon as you get bowled you will be taken to another window where your scores will be added beside the name of the team you had played for.

You can play for any of the 10 teams and your score will be added to that team. This game was released recently but by the time of writing this report, millions of people had already tried this one. Besides, you will notice a standing inside this game like the real one where teams will lead the leaderboard based on how many points their fans added playing these mini-games. As of now, Bangladesh is in 5th position where India, Pakistan, England and New Zealand hold the top four places respectively.

To play the game, simply search ICC Cricket World Cup on Google and alongside the fixture, you will notice a cricket ball-shaped button on the bottom of your screen. Click that one and enjoy your time.

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