Ponting wants Kohli in T20 World Cup

The run drought is not breaking. The distance with the latest century is increasing every match. When Virat Kohli goes through such times, the discussions and criticisms also increase exponentially. It is happening. In the news of the cricket world, one can see the comments and analysis of former cricketers about Kohli.

Ricky Ponting also joined the team. The former Australian captain stood by Kohli at the ‘ICC Review’ event. He does not want to see India without Kohli in the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia next October. Considering what Kohli can do on his day, Ponting wants to see this right-handed batsman in the team.

Ponting wants to see Kohli in the Indian team to exploit the fear of the opponents. Ponting said, ‘If I am the captain or the cricketer of the opposing team, then I will fear the Indian team including Kohli. Without Kohli, that fear would not exist. Times are tough for him. But all great cricketers go through such periods, be it a bowler or a batsman. The best cricketers rise from these bottoms. It is only a matter of time for Virat too.

But Ponting also accepts that Virat’s time has come to an end. He said, ‘If Virat is left out of the World Cup squad and someone else comes in and does well, then it will be difficult for Virat to come back.’ . Because I know what happens when he plays well. If he can get his confidence back, no one can play the way he plays.’

In this case, Ponting is asking the coach and support staff of the Indian team to take responsibility. He feels that the more comfortable Kohli can be kept at the moment, the better. If Kohli shines in the first round of the World Cup, it will not be easy to stop him, Ponting believes. According to him, ‘If he does well in the first round, then the old Virat Kohli will be seen at the end of the tournament. I will give him freedom at the beginning of the tournament. If you get a run in the beginning, your confidence will increase. Then maybe he can play his best cricket towards the end.’

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