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What Russell Domingo said after the series loss

Bangladesh’s performance in Test and T20 format is not as expected. However, Bangladeshi cricket lovers are elated with the victories in the ODI format.

But this time, even that could not be done by visiting a weak Zimbabwe. Excitement is a far cry; Having lost two matches in a row, they are now suffering from the fear of being washed out in the ODI series as well.

Disappointment in this matter is accompanied by anger alone. Criticism of Tamim Iqbal-led team is going on now.

However, Tigers head coach Russell Domingo thinks that it is not right to criticize the ODI team after watching two matches.

According to him, it is desirable to focus on correcting the mistakes of this series and expect good results in the future.

Domingo appeared in a press conference after the second match loss to Zimbabwe on Sunday.

There he said, ‘It is difficult to criticize the ODI team in the performance of the last two days. Especially the way they’ve been playing over the last few years. But much work remains to be done. They scored four centuries, we didn’t score one. All members of the coaching staff and the team have learned a great deal. The World Cup is coming. Fortunately, there are no points in these matches.’

Despite losing, Bangladesh held Zimbabwe in both matches. Domingo wants to remind that.

However, due to making the same mistake in both matches, the pressure fell and Zimbabwe snatched the win. That is what is burning the Tiger head coach.

He said, ‘Zimbabwe was once 60/3, 40/4 in both matches. The boys could not continue the pressure. Bowled too loose, wrong fielded the ball. Chose the wrong option. To say that our boys are not making any mistakes in hard work. But can’t learn from mistakes. This is the most frustrating. In that case, the good team will punish you.’

Despite this, Domingo does not want to make any excuse for losing the series. According to him, Zimbabwe batted well at home. Bangladeshi bowlers failed.

Domingo said, “I don’t want to make any excuses.” Credit must be given to Zimbabwe. Especially King Sikandar. Played two great innings under pressure. I may have lost 20 runs yesterday. Even today I have less than 20 runs. And it is very difficult to defend such a score in the afternoon.”

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