Bangladeshi cricketers will not be able to play in other leagues except BPL

Franchise-based cricket tournaments are on the rise all over the world. At the same time, several leagues are held regularly. Three more leagues will continue during the next season of BPL (Bangladesh Premier League) in January. However, BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) believes that the cricketers will not go to the trouble of playing in any other league except BPL.

Running multiple leagues at the same time reduces the number of stars in low-budget leagues. The BPL will have to compete with money-making tournaments like the UAE League this time. Around the same time there are tournaments like Big Bash. The last addition is South African Premier League known as Mini IPL.

In this situation, any Bangladeshi cricketer can get a team in another league. In that case BCB will allow them? BCB Chief Executive Nizam Uddin Chowdhury Sujan hinted not to issue no-objection letter while talking to reporters in Mirpur today (August 1).

He said, “Not only about our country but there is an understanding between each member country, there is the issue of NOC. These things are accepted by everyone and I personally don’t think anyone can play in other countries leaving a competitive edge in their country.”

Meanwhile, David Warner has decided to leave the Big Bash of his country and play in the United Arab Emirates. Foreign cricketers who are regular in BPL, such as; Cricketers like Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Jos Buttler, Moeen Ali, and Jason Holder are getting signed with other foreign leagues. In that case, the upcoming BPL will increase the quality of foreign crisis?

The BCB chief executive replied, “One thing we also have to keep in mind is that the member countries are looking for a window to launch the T20 league. At the same time, if any other member’s window falls down, Fonflict, then everyone will suffer. Not that we alone will suffer. Two or three of my most important cricketers, if they have an opportunity to play there, are not playing, they are playing in my domestic league.”

Again he said, “I don’t want to mention any specific names, but if any foreign cricketer comes here from outside, they will play if they want to play, and some of our important players play outside, but they will miss them. So it will only apply to us, but not at all.”

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